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TECNIDERM is a French company specialized in the field of medical and aesthetic since 1995. We offer a range of products 'laser' at the forefront of technology. All our products are certified C€ with total guarantee 2 years.
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We are your partner, both in the field of medical lasers as part of our service activities dedicated to health and beauty with the range Home Beauty professionals.
TECNIDERM, it is the expertise at your disposal.
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MERCURY gives you the choice to precisely set the surgical or therapeutic applications that are in your specialty. Share it with others in the same blocks. True workstation for outpatient surgery laser is a very safe to use tool because it avoids the bleeding through the hemostatic ability of infra-red light. Fiber optics offers a flexible access to all kinds of endoscopic surgery. Coins in hand tailored and designed for non-surgical therapy in the field of Traumatology and Rheumatology. Easy to use, USB, connection updated, multidisciplinary tool for the practitioner and clinical teams.

New laser co2 Easylase CL20

Upscaling of co2 Easylase, code-named CL20 laser...
Rich experience of 10 years successful SP15 model evolving CL20... A dashboard 7.5 color touchscreen, an increased memory, an interface entirely in french. Even more reliable safety devices. Better presentation and performance on the rise, all that for the same price as the old model.
Dermatology, gynaecology, ENT, dental... For the operating room or cabinet...